Job Opportunities with Pragmatic Works

At Pragmatic Works you will be working right away in your current skill set while we work together to expand your experience through new and exciting projects. Our in house mentoring program pairs you with the best minds in the business and the most efficient methods of applying your experience to a new technology.

Available Positions

  • Technical Professionals– Thought leaders with SQL Server development and data warehousing experience. Knowledge of Azure and Big Data a plus. Passionate people with great communication and critical thinking skills who are always eager to learn new skills.
  • Sales Consultants- Motivated person who will strategize to identify, prioritize, pursue, and close new business opportunities. With our extensive database, internal leads, marketing programs and great commission structure, motivated professionals have the opportunity to be extremely successful.
  • Technical Support– Enthusiastic team members who want to learn about the Pragmatic Works product suite and assist customers in implementing and utilizing our tools.


Employee Benefits

  • Employee ownership benefits
  • Multiple bonus programs
  • 401K Matching
  • Complete healthcare benefits
  • Time off & funding to participate in technical community activities
  • Global client exposure with limited travel
  • Work with private & preview product releases through our unmatched Microsoft relationships
  • Experience working in a wide range of industries Including Healthcare, Retail, Education, Finance & Others
  • Author and speaker mentoring programs

Send resumes & inquires to

  Devin Knight and Brad Schacht


Brian Knight, Mike Davis and Adam Jorgensen wearing SQL Saturday Hawaiian Shirts  


Adam, Brad, Jorge, Gareth, and Tom at SQL Saturday Jacksonville 2012


Some of our clients