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Metadata Viewer

Technologies Supported

  • SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Oracle (beta), Hive (beta), Excel (beta), Informatica (beta)

In-line Data Dictionary Edits

  • Update Data Dictionary entries directly in the documentation through a web browser.

Web Based Client Access

  • Browse documentation lineage and snapshot comparisons from any environment with a web browser

Visual Studio/SQL Server Data Tools Integration

  • Search meta data for tables, stored procedures, SSIS packages, etc. from inside of Visual Studios.

Data Dictionary
  • The Data Dictionary in Doc xPress gives users the ability to add extra information throughout the documentation that would be useful to business users.

Role-Based Output
  • Users can customize the output generated by Doc xPress to create documents with more or less detail for different audiences. Developers can have technically detailed documentation while business analysts can have less a detailed document, tailored to their needs.

Import External Sources
  • Doc xPress gathers data using providers. If there is no existing provider for a source, then users can import metadata files. This is useful when there is a need to incorporate data about unsupported platforms such as Access or DB2.


  • With the Oracle provider, users of DOC xPress and BI Compare can now snapshot, document, validate, and compare Oracle instance metadata.

Document Image Support
  • Image support within DOC xPress allows users to insert both pre-defined images which are generated by DOC xPress as well as custom images provided with the templates.

Snapshot Management
  • The Snapshot Management feature in DOC xPress gives users an easy way to keep track of and maintain snapshots in the DOC xPress repository.

Solution Wizard
  • In order to give users who are first trying out DOC xPress a more productive initial experience, the solution wizard guides users through configuring a solution by prompting for key pieces of information in order to pre-generate a solution.


Impact Analysis
  • This feature allows SQL Server developers to save countless hours trying to assess how a change to one part of their environment will impact others by enabling them to explore the dependencies in their environments.

Object Lineage
  • This feature gives users the ability to visually explore the dependencies in their environment.

Snapshot Comparison



  • This feature enables users to determine the differences in their SQL Server environments over time.

Document Generation Process



  • The documentation process reads a specific point-in-time version of the SQL snapshots and generates documentation about them.

Snapshot Process



  • The SQL Snapshot Process takes a solution configuration and reads all sources, updating the stored snapshot and maintaining a version history chain.


Snapshot Command Line Scheduler
  • The snapshot and documentation schedulers will provide a file that can be executed through a command line script that can be scheduled or used in third party integration.

Multiple Format Support
  • DOC xPress gives your four different choices for exporting your documentation: RTF, DOCX, HTML, HTML Frameset.

* Administrative functionality provided by DOC xPress Professional client

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