Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to upgrade BixPress from Standard to Professional?

First, uninstall the trial version from your PC. Launch the control panel from your start menu and select ‘Uninstall a Program’. Select 'Pragmatic Works Workbench' and click uninstall. 

Go to and log into your customer account. Enter your username and password for your Pragmatic Works account. 

Select the Registered Products tab. There are links for all versions of BI xPress that you have purchased. Click the arrow next to the BI xPress v4. Clicking the link will open the product details and provide you with the Download Link. The Activation Key needed to register the product is listed above. 

Once you select the download an .exe file will begin to download the licensed copy of BI xPress. Once it has finished downloading, launch the installer. 

Once the installation is complete, click Finish and launch the application. 

From the Workbench, click 'help' on the left of the window. This will display the products that are installed and their activation status. 

To register and activate the software, select one of the product names and click the 'Register/Modify' button. 

On the registration screen, select 'I have an activation key'. 

On the registration screen, enter the activation key and the name of your environment.  You can find your activation key just above the product download link in the account management screen.  Click ‘Register’.

The product will show that the license is accepted.  Repeat these steps for additional products that use the Workbench.

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