Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can DTS xChange save time and money?

DTS xChnage is developed by a team of experienced developers/DBAs who have great experience with DTS to SSIS migration and they have migrated thousands of packages. So they understand the pain of migration process and they have already faced all challenges which you going to face or you already facing during DTS migration. We packaged all necessary functionality for DTS migration in a very easy to use and solid framework... which is DTS xChange.

DTS xChange uses proprietary rule based engine to migrate DTS Packages to SSIS by applying best practices of SSIS. So by using DTS xChange you not only get higher migration success rate but you also get new features supported by SSIS (e.g. Event Handlers, Logging,  XML Configuration Files etc.)

If you planning for manual migration without using any tool then you must consider the following facts about DTS xChange which can save you significant amount time and money.

Top 10 features of DTS xChange

  • Automatic Variable Migration
  • Automatic Connection Migration
  • Automatic Task Migration
  • Automatic migration of child packages
  • Improved support for Flat Files. Means you will have to spend less time to troubleshoot mapping and datatype issues of flat files.
  • Migrates Dynamic Properties Task.
  • Migrates UDL connections.
  • Supports Event Handler Logging. This feature alone saves you significant amount of time if you are planning to add auditing for package/task execution.
  • Consolidates connections automatically so you don't end up with several connections pointing to the same datasource.
  • Makes your connection dynamic using Confg files so you can easily switch packages from Dev to Prod environment without modifying several connections of hundreds of packages.

Visit the following URL to see full list of feature matrix.

DTS xChange Features

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